About Browser.TF

Browser.TF is a web-sided server browser for TF2! Browser.TF was founded on November 21st, 2015 by Roy (Christian Deacon). Originally, the website supported many features such as users being able to favorite any server, server owners being able to claim their own server(s), and even at one point supported Garry's Mod and CS:GO servers. However, after our web server was rebuilt from scratch, Roy didn't have the time to restore the old website. Roy still felt the website's performance wasn't meeting a regular TF2 player's expectations. Therefore, he decided to rebuild Browser.TF from scratch. This time, he wanted to aim for simplicity. That said, the new website can easily load 7000+ servers in 2 - 4 seconds. That is very fast! This rebuild wouldn't have been possible if Dr. McKay hadn't shown Roy a new way to fetch servers from the Master Server.

Overall, Roy will continue to improve the website by increasing performance and adding extra features. Eventually, support for other games will be added! If you find a bug with the website, please report it to Roy!


  • Roy (Christian Deacon) - Fully Building the back-end of both websites (original and new).
  • Dr. McKay - Helping out by showing Roy a new way to retrieve servers from the Master Server.